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Frequently Asked Questions

How does free work, is this $20 book really free?

Free means free.  You will never be under any obligation to ever buy anything. Each week you will get a free puzzle book highlighting any one of our 39 different puzzle types.

How much will this cost?

Nothing, zero,zip.  Every week you get a fresh puzzle that you can download and enjoy.  We will not spam your inbox with emails.  One per week and that's it.  Each email will contain access to this week's free puzzle book.

What's the catch?

No catch at all.  We have thousands of books on Amazon available for sale.  We hope that you enjoy the FREE books and when you need a gift, you'll think of us!

Then how do you make money?

When people buy our books on Amazon we get paid.  Also, we will show special deals from our sponsors in each email, but you never have to look at, visit or buy anything.

Is my email and information really safe?

Yes it is.  Your privacy is our #1 priority.  We guarantee that you will only see emails from Mega Media Depot.  We also guarantee EVERY email we send you will include a FREE book!

Are you kidding, a free book with every email?

Yep.  We want you to be assured that this is a free email service.  If you do not want the free books any longer, just click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of each mail.

How does this get any better?

We not only want to provide great free content, but we also want to keep you entertained.  How you ask?  Each of our email headlines will be a joke.  Click inside to see the answer.

What do I need to do to get started?

Just fill out the form above.  Once you fill out the form, check your inbox.  Your first email will include access to your first book, then every week we send you a new book direct to your inbox.

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